Freaks Lexy Kohler Emile Hirsch

Freaks: TIFF 2018 Review

I knew nothing about this film going into it.  It has a pretty generic title, few cast members I knew or appreciated.  I only became of fan of Emile Hirsch after seeing him in The Autopsy of Jane Doe that I scr... Read More...
Jesse Eisenberg Alexander Skarsgard Humminbird Project

The Hummingbird Project: TIFF 2018 Review

Up and coming Canadian director, Kim Nguyen (Bellevue, Two Lovers and A Bear), landed a dream cast for his latest feature The Hummingbird Project.  Lead by Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgard, & Salma Haye... Read More...

Toronto Black Film Festival

The Toronto Black Film Festival is dedicated to giving unique voices in cinema the opportunity to present audiences with new ways of looking at the world. A dynamic, refreshing and audacious Festival whose ambi... Read More...