Chatting with 48North – Women in Cannabis Stories

In all the excitement, or not, over legalization, The Mob gt a chance to st down with the CMO of 48North, Kirsten Gauthier.

48North Cannabis Corp. is the leading a health and wellness revolution through excellence in cannabis cultivation, extraction, education and strategic partnerships. They are the trusted ally for women making a meaningful impact on their health and wellness with innovative, trusted, cannabis-based products.

I discovered them by reading stories about business women in cannabis on Explore Latitude. Take a few minutes to watch the interview and why 48North are the leaders in the cannabis industry.


48North is building a vertically-integrated cannabis company to be a global leader in formulation, production and distribution of next generation cannabis-infused products.

As a future-focused cannabis company, 48North is on track to deliver to the female health and wellness cannabis market through the development and manufacturing of products and brands. They are partnering with leading consumer packaged goods companies in food, beverage, cosmetic and skincare to leverage our partners expertise and experience in creating compliant, consistent and distinctive CBD and THC products.


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