Hi Toronto! I’m very excited to bring the mob to town! Our first event of the year was really sweet. Pun super intended.

Halloween comes every second Friday of the month at the Social Capital Theatre on the Danforth. I’ve had my share of Swedish Berries for the year!

Sweet comedy on the Danforth has arrived. Friday was the first edition of The Candy Show,  a stand-up comedy show hosted by Adrian Sawyer. The fatkiD of Comedy has been making the audience laugh for the past 6 years and is bringing his new brand of “candy rain” this 2016. Every second Friday of the month, come and get a taste of free sugar.

The line-up consisted of comics not only from Toronto but Montreal too! My boys, Reese, Habib and Chris came to work out. New faces, known faces and faces I haven’t seen in a while. It was awesome!

Ian Fergus
Reese Turner
Habib Siam
Chris Venditto
Will Noye
Chantel Marostica
Gilson Lubin

It was a rainy night and despite the late start time, we had a small crowd looking for laughter. It was my first time at the Social Capital Theatre. Located above the Black Swan, I can see the allure to the venue as a show room. Perfecto!

Montreal came to represent on Friday. Reese Turner, Habib Siam and Chris Venditto came to shake things up. And that they did! DISCLOSURE: This is for all you comedy-goers who think not answering the comedian will make them go away. IT’S NOT! Just ask Charlene! Participating when called upon at a comedy show goes a long way. Don’t be afraid folks, these are just jokes.

Chantel Marostica and Will Noye were two new faces for me. I’m hooked on Chantel not only because she is Scorpio, but also ‘cuz I thought I was the only one who watched Law & Order and rubbed one out. Her style, presence and story telling technique succeed her reputation. She had to follow Will Noye, sorry, she had to follow a story of how Will made a girl squirt. Did I mention the front row was 4 girls? First off, not only, is that impressive by the way,  I’m still trying myself.

All I have to say is Gilson Lubin. This guy closes the show only in a way Gilson Lubin can. There is something to be said about not giving a fuck and still keeping your audience around. Because I know him, his set was clearly funnier to me than the front row thought. However, I’ll give it to the front row. They stayed even  after being made to feel awkward and giving the chance to leave, many times. That’s the power of Gilson. His charisma, delivery and the fact that he owns it without a flinch makes him the all-star comic that he is.

The Candy Show is back next month at the Social Capital located at 154 Danforth Avenue, February 12th. Show starts at 10pm and cover is $5.

Follow the Candy Show on Facebook to stay up to date with their upcoming line-ups each month. Also follow the mob on Twitter @Mobtoronto and the @Mobspress for all mob updates.

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