Spark Houston releases debut single Shoot to Kill

Toronto, ON (October 29, 2019) – Red. Blue. Green. Toronto-based rapper Spark Houston’s polychromatic worldview is on full display on his lead single “Shoot to Kill” from his forthcoming EP, Red. Scathing bars rattle through the trunk thumping dance beat. “This is mine and you won’t take it from me” is how he describes it. The competitive nature of Hip Hop has always been at the forefront, and Houston doesn’t shy away from it in the slightest. Shoot to kill or, rather, the act of “shooting” is entirely metaphorical for Houston. He raps about “shooters in the back coming” and not wanting to have to “bust back”, by utilizing poetic devices to underscore the competitive, dog-eat-dog nature of the genre in which he resides. He “shoots to kill” in all that he does within the scope of music, very clearly understanding that every “shot” taken is not to be taken for granted. If the goal of indie buzz rapper Spark Houston is to stand amongst giants, then one must stand tall, shoulders back and ready for all comers.
Listen to Shoot To Kill HERE

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