Vacation time!

Yes friends… I have bunked out of town these past few days to Toronto, the place I want to take TuJoHaHa! What a city. You can sit there all day and whine about it and yes we hate TO as a city and blablabla…Neither the less you have to come here. No wonder everyone leaves Montreal to come here and further your career. This town is booming and there are tons of great places to see. I was lucky enough to have the best tour guide and he showed me all the best parts of the city on a most lovely walk So much to see and lots of culture here as well. My brother lives here too, so it’s so much fun come visit the city. Let alone leaving Montreal for the first time in 5 years…. what a relief, a release and a start of a new world me.

Traveling…me….? I can do that now!!!

Amazing how your life can change and the all the opportunities and options that never would cross your mind for whatever reasons are now “Wait a minute, I can!” topics. It feels great to be on top of the world and to be appreciated up there as well. Being here on this trip shift has made me realize how much work I have is ahead of me. It’s like starting my blog all over again, but not at the same time. It’s a whole new market to discover and because Montreal likes to leave to Toronto, some of my peeps are already here. Sweetness.
Of course being the comedy blogger at heart, even on vacation, I’m still pinpointing the venues where I’ll be heading out next time I’m in town. The Rivoli on August 28th is probably gonna be my first show out here. It’s the Twitter Gong Show #9! Well done Marc Debonis! You can count on me being there.
Twitter Gong Show #9
Look out Toronto because The Jo is coming to spread the word even more. My big plan is to go to JFL42 which is happening from September 21st to September 28th. This is a first, an interactive festival where your phone is the most important thing you will need to have. Yes, even more than now.  Impossible you say. Well they have managed to put your pass on your phone. Your pass is your ticket, your lifeline to go to shows. I like the check-in aspect that gives you bonus credits which in turn this gives you access to more shows. Neat right? Check out the website for more details.
The Universe didn’t want me back in Montreal to day so I’ll be back tomorrow.
Take it easy and see you soon.


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