Mommy….it’s oveeerrrrrrr!

Where do I start with my recap? I’ve met so many people, learned so many things, have partied my ass off with some chill comics… I want to plug my brain into a laptop and upload everything. Well almost everything. There are some parts of my brain that should never see the sunlight. Yeah, Afro flower girl has a dark side. The flower is black and the Afro is blond…
Scary I know.

Well I’ll start with the breakout start from the Nasty Show, Ben Roy!
HE was just awesome. I spent a week at the Nasty Show and he was funny every time. His energy and stage swagger (copyright BossJo) is off the hook. On top of that, he is the chillest dude. Easy to talk to and he shared my blog on his page. That meant a lot to me. Thanks Roy. Check out this most awesome couple! You guys rock and I will make sure to come to Denver now.

The other gal who rocked my month was Paula Bel! You can learn a thing or two from this Chiquita! “Live life motherfuckers!” Is what she would tell you. She parties like it’s 1999 all the time, is fucking funny and was truly a pleasure for me to hang with her. I still owe her T-Shirts. I’ll get them for you Paula. I promise.

All in all, I’ve met some of my people who have made me laugh since I was a teenager. Key and Peele, Mark Critch, Aries Spears, Neal Brennan, Jay Pharoah, Jimmy Carr, Sean Cullen and so many more. I love this job that I have created for myself.
My next plan of action is to head out to Toronto for JFL42 from September 21st to 28th for some more comedy, networking and lots of fun!

I have many pictures and stories to come as well as keeping up with the comedy here in Montreal, mama is a busy gal… and she loves it!

Thanks for supporting me and comedy,



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