The "Oh No" Family Gatherings

So when you think of family you think of trust, love, fun etc. But when there’s that one relative who is on yourspouses side, who you just can’t stand or doesn’t get along with your thinking. How am I going to get through this event or family gathering? Well I got your answers right here.

Basically all you got to do is not go! Easy right?

Not for all of us.

For those of you who just can’t pull your balls out of your purse, those who are forced to go or those who are there to support your loved ones, here are some tips on how you can deal with your time.

First off, don’t wear something you think the parents would like because they’re definitely going to see past it so

wear something comfortable… But not to comfortable where your arriving in track pants …come on people! Second

have a drink to loosen up not to many but socializing while having a drink could be an ice breaker and also ease

the tension. If there not drinkers show up with some smoke 🙂 Just kidding …. But let’s say there not well you better be good at jokes right or am I right! Ha 🙂 However, knowing some of the relatives names and interests is a good thing. That way when having a “convo” it doesn’t turn into awkward silence. Always have a safe word with your spouse just in case you or them want to leave.

Lastly just try to have fun cause that’s basically all that’s left if you get through the night 😉

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