Reviews: Shawna Virago, King Ropes

Click the links below to check out our reviews for albums Heaven Sent Delinquent by singer-songwriter Shawna Virago and Dirt by garage rockers King Ropes:

Heaven Sent Delinquent – Shawna Virago (Full Review on Mobtreal)

Virago’s songwriting offers vivid, idiosyncratic and often quite funny imagery. There’s a raw and emotional honesty, but it’s far from maudlin. Her guitar-playing is lively, her vocals confident, and her lyrics sly.

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Dirt – King Ropes (Full Review on MobAngeles)

The lyrics in Dirt can be mystifying, but there is a tangible and visceral emotional through-line; Hollier’s characters are worn and bruised but trying to make it better. The refrain in “She’s a Runner” emphasizes this idea: “The things we had, the things we lost / We’ll just get us some more.”

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Shawna Virago






King Ropes




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