One 2 Watch: Danii Roundtree

Sometimes history repeats itself.  Sometimes, history doesn’t just repeat but it improves on itself or transcends what defined it.  Think Andra Day who invoked Amy Winehouse, Amy Winehouse who invoked Erykah Badu, Erykah Badu who invoked Billy Holliday.  Each sparkling soul adding to the legacy of the one before, they are able to do this, because most of these magnificent women pull from all who came before them, not just one.

When you hear Danii Roundtree’s hot new single, “Crave” and her equally impressive 2015 single, “Good Day Lover” you will become acutely aware that she understands this, and is happy to pull from the wealth of talented women that came before her.
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Atlanta born Danii, has her roots firmly planted in R&B, Jazz, Soul & Pop.  She’s been experiencing wins in her music career since she jumped in back in 2009.  She has a devoted fan base and has made a name for herself on the scene by performing live at several different venues, festivals and other music events.  At the end of this month she will be featured on the Next Generation Stage at the 40th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival (attended by 120k patrons).

This former American Idol and Miss USA Pageant contestant has been grooming herself for the limelight since high-school by attending several prestigious performing arts schools.

Currently, “Crave” is receiving creating some major buzz for her, and it’s easy to understand why.  It’s a laid-back R&B groove with a tinge of Jazz.  Her attack is subtle smooth.  Exactly what it needs to be.  The production is tight.  You can tell,… Danii is ready.  Look for more this summer as her album “Memoirs” is set to drop soon.

“‘Memoirs’ is an album written from true life events.  We all have that one love story that ends before it starts.  And I just so happen to be a singer/songwriter who documents through song.  This album is literally a collection of my memoirs…. The sound has a throwback feel that is Jazz-oriented with Funk and Soul elements…”

Danii got us craving for more over here.  Book her for your next show.

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