Want to feel better about indulging in chocolate?

Go to the U.K. and buy a Kit Kat.

Nestlé, the world’s largest food manufacturer and owner of Kit Kat, will start using fair trade cocoa in its U.K. Kit Kat bars in January. Fair trade attempts to establish better relations between consumer and producer by ensuring farmers receive fair wages for their goods. It also promotes sustainable farming practices.

Yum. Image: hiscrivener.wordpress.com

Yum! Image: hiscrivener.wordpress.com

Kit Kat is the U.K.’s second favourite chocolate bar, after Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar. Cadbury switched to fair trade cocoa earlier this year. Still, as the world’s biggest buyer of cocoa beans, Nestlé’s fair trade deal will be the largest in U.K. history. Hopefully, the company will soon share the fair trade sweetness with the rest of the world.

Nestlé is trying to erase the negative image its been given by activists who accuse the company of participating in child labour and exploiting its farmers. The company signed onto a global initiative to end child labour and assist poor cocoa farmers get better health care. Nestlé has also created a new program to help West African cocoa farmers by providing training and supplying them with disease-resistant plantlets.

Image: mirror.co.uk

Watch out, Dairy Milk, Kit Kat might make a break for the U.K.’s top sweet spot.

-Otiena Ellwand

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