To close up CASC Stand-up Awareness Week, a Comedy Fashion show will be held on Sunday, September 16th at The Gladstone Hotel.

Comedians on a Catwalk will model local designer fashions and then do a stand-up set at the end of the runway.

The reason this is happening is that the fashion industry faces the same issues as the stand-up industry. They do not receive any funding and many fashion advocates have been tirelessly working over the last couple of decades to have that changed.

The show will be hosted by Zoe Brownstone and Anjelica Scannura. The line-up will feature members of the CASC Executive Committee including Sandra Battaglini, Barry Taylor, Monty Scott, Frank Spadina and local talents such as Kenny Robinson, Phil Luzi, Aisha Brown, Foad Hassanpoor, Chanty Morostica and Juliana Rodriguez.

Comedians will be styled by Chris Morgan of Elevations and dressed by fashion designers such as MyLBD, Denis Gagnon, Hoax Couture, Elema Fur, Rockin Karma, Triarchy Denim, Whitney Linen and Pink Tartan.

Comedians on a Catwalk will be held at The Gladstone Hotel, September 16th at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm.


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