Comedian Myles Anderson Releases Debut Album “Myles From Home” on 604 Records

Vancouver comedian Myles Anderson has been doing comedy since grade 5, “before that I was a total hack”. He’s come a long way and is thrilled to release his debut album “Myles From Home” on 604 Records.

Growing up as the only musical sibling out of four kids, Myles graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors degree in Music. He’s disappointed his siblings didn’t take up music with him noting they could have made a great quartet. His favourite instrument is the piano, which he incorporates into his album’s intro.

Comedy producer Kevin “Kevvy” Maher worked with Myles to bring his performance style into his album and describes seeing Myles perform as “seeing a man unravel then re-ravel himself onstage.”

“Myles combines traditional jokes with birdlike movements, always creating a unique and hilarious performance.”

The two hit it off so well, they made a comedy sketch video together for Comedy Here Often titled “Myles Anderson’s Canned Laughter”.

A finalist in the 2017 Seattle International Comedy Competition, Myles has performed for the past six years at the Comedy Store and the Comedy & Magic club in L.A. He can also occasionally be heard on The Debaters on CBC.

“Myles From Home” is available for download off of the 604 Records website, as well as all major digital retailers and streaming apps.

604 Records has released several #1 comedy albums since launching their comedy arm, Comedy Here Often, with albums from comedians such as Ivan Decker, Charlie Demers, Kevin Banner, Shirley Gnome, Yumi Nagashima, and Gavin Matts.

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