Awakening the inner barbarian

An Objective Test of Ancestral Supplements.

The world of processed food is a modern construct.

There is a fast growing movement among nutritionists called a Paleo Diet which leverages the ancient food sources that humans have survived on for literally tens-of-thousands of years, to restore health & maintain longevity.

If you embrace the general premise that organic & natural food make sense, opposite to the mass produced food products we all consume daily, it’s logical that we’re missing a lot of components in our modern diets that our ancestors benefited from.

I mean, seriously – Just fathom for a second the amount of calories it would take you to run down a Buffalo or Woolly Mammoth and spear it? I mean, c’mon right? Then, after that huge expense of energy, would you waste any of the meat? Internals or externals?

Plus, you’d also want to expend the effort to harvest its skin for waterproof leather or clothing, which involves a laborious process of scraping the hide and stretching it too.

Of course the village would all be celebrating the catch, and the many hands would make light work processing the natural resource, but everybody would share in its Nutrition, which is transmuted to personal and community well-being through consumption, just as nature intended.

That represents tens of thousands of years of genetic selection, which in turn has been nurturing our species, in an ancient, wholesome and sustainable way, since the beginning of all-time.

Now, if you’ve grown up in a major North American city like I did, for most of your life you’ve only every seen meat in a white Styrofoam tray with a plastic wrap and a bar-code on it.

Farmers and people in agricultural regions laugh at us city folks for all the right reasons. People who raise animals, then harvest them have a far deeper appreciation of their connection to the Earth, and it’s bounty, than us city twats.

And, in a similar respect to our Ancestors, they live a far more physical lifestyle. Have you ever tossed bails of Hay? Mucked a stable? Shoveled grain? I have, and it’s bloody hard work.

In a similar fashion, much of the mental health, physical ailments and anxiety we suffer in the urban centers of North America are based on some very identifiable differences when you compare how we live as a people today, vs. agrarians and/or our early ancestors; its the same thing. Our ancestors didn’t suffer the same mental problems because they were too busy surviving in a far more physically demanding world, on far more raw and natural food sources.

To elaborate on this point further, I will invoke the power of a living example.

Meet Brian Johnson, The Liver King.

Brian is the CEO of Ancestral Supplements and is a true, “Living Barbarian”… which are his words, not mine 🙂 If you are what you eat… this guy is solid balls, Literally. Do you think that statement is hyperbole? Watch the Instagram video below, follow his channel and get inspired toward a new way of thinking about natural food sources and nose-to-tail diets.

With that picture in mind, and feeling a bit queasy… in a couple years I’m about to turn 50 years old.

I work at a computer all day long, and I am starting to feel the process of ageing taking hold of my body. I’ve never been an exercise-for-exercise-sake type of person. I’ve been a smoker all my life, and I am an unapologetic as any Canadian about my routine beer drinking, and my bacon eating, maple-syrup-soaked man-body.

On that backdrop, my fiance, kids and personal inner dialogue say It’s time to start something different.

For their sake, and mine – it’s time to make a change in lifestyle.

So… I’ve decided to take that journey with Ancestral Supplements based on the Paleo philosophy to generate good heart, bone, joint and muscle health; through consumption of freeze dried grass fed beef organs, bone marrow, and beef liver…. It’s not quite like eating raw cow balls, but it’s the next best thing!

And I’m inviting you along for the ride.

The benefits I am seeking are multi-fold; For healthy teeth, gums, skin and hair. Energy, mood, metabolism and methylation. For strong joints, connective tissue and healthy collagen. Heart, brain and liver health. A strong immune system and glutathione status (the body’s master antioxidant). The products are based on the concept “like supports like,” ie. consuming Bone and Marrow supports our own bones, marrow, collagen for example.

The Ancestral Supplements product line promises I will… “Get the nourishment that only whole foods (and whole food supplements) can provide. Get all the co-factors, nutrient synergy and biological activity…. Paleo Friendly… Primal Friendly… Ketogenic Friendly… Supports high energy demands for an active lifestyle.”

So, I am going to put this to the test.

Over the next 12 weeks I am going to maintain this personal blog as I proceed.

Like I said previously, I’m not a routine supplements user, or super exercise guy, so I am going to try and be as objective as possible in my notes, with dates, product dose, physical notes and mental notes along the way – sort of a ‘Captain’s Log’ for the Star Trek fans out there.

If 90 year old fellow Canadian William Shatner can go to space on Blue Origin, If I play my cards right, I can at least aim to improve my health long enough to experience warp drive travel (for real) before I kick the bucket.

NOVEMBER 3rd 2021; Update 1 – Product Has Arrived.

I am so pleased the products have arrived!

The order was placed just last week with super fast fulfillment from Amazon. I’ve now started my dosing in a small fashion, taking 1 of each to get started. I figure it’s probably good to start slowly – like firing up an old diesel engine, my body may require a bit of priming 🙂 Each product package recommends 6 pills per day, which is enough for a 30 day cycle.

So, my plan is to take 1 on day 1, then 2 on day 2, then 3 on day 3 etc. until I am up to the recommended dosage of 6 per day of each product. Inside, I am totally excited! I look forward to being strong enough to rip a car in half with my bare hands (is how I am feeling in terms of expectations *lol*). I truly cannot wait to report back in two weeks, after a reasonable amount of time has passed to experience noticeable metabolic product efficacy.

After the first 10 Days of dosing, I am truly starting to experience health benefits. I have experienced these very noticeable areas of improvement;

Increased Mental Acuity; I’ve noticed that I am able to concentrate for longer durations, have much more clarity of thought and stamina when handling heavy intellectual load at work, with less stress related to task increases or complexity. This is great because I work online and in a creative but technical job, so I am pleased to feel the productivity increase.

Increased Lung Function; As I mentioned earlier in this piece, I have been a lifelong smoker. Part of my hope with Ancestral Supplements was to improve breathing and circulation through the consumption of the supplements I selected. After 10 days of dosing, one of my regular domestic chores is taking out the garbage, which in my place is a series of steep stairs requiring several trips up and down for the multiple bags, and separately recycling items. For the first time in many months I wasn’t short of breath after this chore was done. It’s anecdotal evidence, but experientially, it was very noticeable difference in lung function and blood circulation.

Increased Energy and Stamina; I’ve got a couple kids that are highly active, and it’s been an area of life as a parent where I want to make sure I’ve got the ongoing energy to keep up with them. It was their birthday last week (they’re twins) and we celebrated with a couple fresh new freestyle BMX bikes as gifts. Over the weekend as you’d expect, I spent the days lugging bikes up and down the stairs, and into the car, as we went for bike activity for exercise. They rode, I walked and we had a great time. I noticed that my energy levels remained high all day, and the emotional enjoyment of the day was very rewarding. I even showed the kids a couple of OG bike tricks from when I was an active BMX rider 🙂 I felt healthy, I wasn’t out of breath, but I did feel the burn the next day after a 5km walk while they tested out their new wheels.

Increased Metabolic Rate – I’ve also noticed my appetite has become ferocious, and I’m actually losing weight gradually. I was at 212lbs before starting my course of supplements, and I’m now at 200lbs even which was a nice surprise. The only other lifestyle change I’ve made is drinking a pineapple, cucumber, ginger and lime smoothie first thing in the morning, and last thing at night on a daily basis. This concoction was a suggestion of my Fiancé as part of my baby-steps toward better health. Between the Ancestral Supplements and juice consumption, It clearly seems to be pulling out oxidants and fats from my gut. I’m noticeably less bloated and can see my toes again when in a relaxed standing position. If this proves to be a beer-belly-blasting regime, It’s going to help a lot of people get back to healthy weight. I will let you know in my next update if it continues!

Additional Notes – For each product the recommended daily dosage is 6 gel cap pills, as I’m taking 3 product-sets at the same I found it a bit hard to swallow 18 pills at once, so I’ve started to take each of the different Ancestral Supplements as six Bone & Marrow in the morning, six Beef Organs in the afternoon and then six Beef Liver in the evening; just to make them easier to swallow. This is just a practical decision, I’m not sure if that’s the right order, or if there is any sundry benefit from spreading them out over the day vs. all in the morning.

After 25+ days of dosing, I am still experiencing product benefits.

It’s been almost a month and I am enjoying a continuation of the benefits I noted after the first 10 days of product consumption. I will also say, interestingly there were a couple of travelling days during that period when I forget to bring the product with me on the road, and during those 3 days of not taking the supplements, I began to notice a measurable increase in fatigue, and a drop in my internal sense of physical well being.

This to me was proof positive that the daily ingesting of Ancestral Supplements was directly related to my physical health and stamina.

Suffice to say, I am happily back on the Ancestral Supplements products, and I wholly recommend you try them.


For your reference, these are the three products I tried from Ancestral Supplements; Beef Liver, Bone and Marrow & Beef Organs.

Products Being Reviewed

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