A mysterious and thrilling LIVE performance from Magician & Mentalist, Zack Mirza at The Drake Tuesday July 16 @8PM

In early 2013, Zack Mirza walked into a Toronto production company, self-funded demo reel in hand. A year later, he was the solo star of the first Canadian big budget TV series touring North America. The highly anticipated series made its debut on major Canadian Network, CITY. Titled Illusions of Grandeur, it told an honest story of Zack being an up-and-coming magician with dreams of making it to the top. Now, with a 13 episode TV series under his belt, Zack is taking things to a whole new level.

Elevated by this success, Zack’s ambition shows no sign of running low. Having left audiences amazed and wanting more with his first ever TV debut, Zack plans to tour North America before returning back to TV with something brand new. With an end goal to land a residency in Las Vegas, it’s undeniable that he is without a doubt the next magician to take the world by storm. Whether on stage, in person, or in front of the camera, Zack’s magnetic charisma fuels his drive to be the greatest.

Tickets go for $20 at The Drake tomorrow Tuesday July 16 @8PM

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