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alone  Christian Lycke:

alone Christian Lycke: Image from

I stumbled upon this amazing photography site while scanning my favorite interior design blogs and I’m so glad I did. We love interesting and bold photography around here, so naturally everyone took a minute to browse the site and we all agree, it’s worth a bookmark.

The photographic dictionary < is dedicated to defining words through the literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.” Lindley Warren, out of Amsterdam, Netherlands has created just that, a dictionary that allows for visual indulgence as well as providing definitions and pronunciation ques.

Great photography speaks volumes and although the aim of this emotional and suggestive photography website is to represent a single word with a single image, the rest of the story is yours to tell.

imprint  Michelle Anderson

imprint Michelle Anderson: Image from

ephemeral  Valerie Enriquez

ephemeral Valerie Enriquez: Image from

whiskey  Simon Nunn

whiskey Simon Nunn: Image from

This project has opened up the floor to independent photographers to share their unique and striking personal images. The dictionary is updated daily with new contributing photographers, so there are always new words being added and new photos to feast your eyes on!

-Brittany Maguire

  • BetteD
    12 years ago Reply

    amazing, thanks for sharing…definitely worth a bookmark!

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