The Soundwave Summit: For Indie Podcasts by Indie Podcasters

On June 6th, attend the Soundwave Summit 2024 in Toronto, where you can connect with the vibrant podcasting community.

Toronto is a hub for culture, diversity and technology, and next month in June, it will be set to host a unique event that promises to be a significant beacon for podcasting enthusiasts and professionals. The Soundwave Summit, designed for indie podcasters by indie podcasters, is gearing up to offer a platform where creativity meets opportunity. This summit isn’t just an event; it’s a celebration of the evolving world of podcasting, set against the backdrop of Toronto’s cityscape.

Set for June 6, 2024, the Soundwave Summit is split into two segments: the Soundwave Sessions by day and the Soundwave Showcase by night. During the day, attendees will be treated to an array of panels and presentations at StartWell, a cozy yet modern venue on King Street West. As the sun sets, the scene shifts to Kensington Market at Taco Taco, where the air will buzz with live podcast performances.

Soundwave Sessions: Engaging the Podcasting Mind

Opening the Day: Meet Your MCs

Kattie Laur, known for her insightful newsletter “Pod The North,” and host of “Canardian” podcast, alongside Sherley Joseph of the Chonilla Network, BlkPodNews ‘Northern Voices‘ and host of “Black Canadian Creators” podcast will be the masters of ceremonies. Their personalities are set to create a welcoming atmosphere, guiding attendees through a day packed with learning and networking opportunities.

Soundwave Sessions (Daytime) at StartWell:

Let’s Talk Podcasting: Amanda Cupido dives into the podcasting world’s past, present, and future.
Building Community Around Your Podcast: Sherley Joseph shares insights on nurturing a loyal podcast audience.
Tuning Into Diversity: Chidinma Azubuike, host of the ‘But What Do I Know?‘ podcast moderates a panel featuring Black Canadian podcasters discussing their experiences. With panellists: Natalie Mullin (host of From a Full Cup podcast), Reni Odetoyinbo (host of Don’t Go Broke Trying), and Alex Whitfield (host of Hustle Over Everything Podcast).

Pitching Your Podcast: Michael Mongiardi from The Sonar Network on the benefits of podcast networks.
Where is the money for Canadian Podcasts : Kattie Laur leads a panel on revenue streams for Canadian podcasters. With panellists: Jessica Vallentin (Audience Development at Canadaland) and Katie Jensen (Principal of Vocal Fry Studios).

Monetizing Your Voice: Ubah Guled explains how to attract and maintain profitable partnerships.
Sell Yourself: Jordana Katz offers practical tips for selling your podcast to advertisers.
Networking Opportunities: Concluding with an extended networking session, facilitated by Great Lakes Brewery.

Soundwave Showcase (Evening) at Taco Taco:

Live Podcast Performances: Hosted by Erika Casupanan

The evening will commence with opening remarks from Erika Casupanan, the hit TV show “SURVIVOR” winner and host of the “Happy To See Me” podcast. Her charismatic presence is expected to set an exhilarating tone for the evening.

The showcase will feature a lineup of notable podcasts, including “Blacklantic” by Hillary LeBlanc and Clinton Davis, “Squirrel Talk!” by Selena Vyle and Hillary Yaas, “The Women of Ill Repute” featuring Wendy Mesley and Maureen Holloway and “Quiz Coconut” by James Calder.

This image showcases promotional graphics for four different podcasts. Top left: 'Blacklantic Uplift the East' featuring an orange circle background with a black microphone and headphones. Top right: 'Squirrel Talk!' podcast graphic with two drag performers in glamorous attire against a red sparkly backdrop. Bottom left: 'Women of Ill Repute' podcast with a black and white photo of two women, Maureen Holloway and Wendy Mesley. Bottom right: 'Quiz Coconut' podcast with a colorful, cartoon-style graphic featuring a cheerful man in a bow tie surrounded by quiz-themed artwork.

The Future of Podcasting in Toronto

As podcasting continues to grow, events like the Soundwave Summit are crucial for fostering innovation, diversity, and community among creators. Whether you’re aiming to deepen your podcasting knowledge, find your next creative partner, or soak in some incredible live shows, the Soundwave Summit is your go-to destination. Dive into the heart of Toronto’s podcasting scene this June by visiting for tickets. Don’t forget to use the promo code BCC15 to snag a 15% discount, courtesy of @BlackCanadianCreators via The Chonilla Network. Get your tickets soon—spaces are filling up fast!

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