New Sincerity Works weaves “Wonder Lust” into your life

Noting influences like The New Pornographers and Spoon, Indie Rock outfit, New Sincerity Works‘ frantic and histrionic sound has given birth to a collection of songs that make up a solid piece of work.  The ten-song collection that they’ve entitled “Wonder Lust” tells stories of “hearts, lips, Kentucky on Ohio, and the comings and goings of the luster, lore, and lure of love and lust.”  (say that three times).


The songs included on Wonder Lust were originally written to accompany a book of personal photographs.  The book never happened but Wonder Lust did.

“I liked the idea of trying to describe what falling in and out of love is like and what happens between those extreme modes of living.  It’s a record about love but not really love songs.”

–  Mike Tittel

There’s a value, a quality to this album.  The goal of the band is achieved, not only with the emotional connection that they effortlessly make to the audience by examining the ups and downs of love from a relatable perspective, but also from the skill these guys possess musically.  They know their way around their instruments and vocals.  Like very well.  They understand the value of melody and it is apparent that the work they put into the arrangement and performance of the material was immense.  Some of our favourites are the title track, “Wonder Lust” & “Love To Love The Love“.  The titles suggest some bubble gum feathery pop, but it’s got a ton more bite than that.

If you like what you see and hear, go to their sites below to follow, support, and purchase the album:

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