Kamryn Marie releases ‘Baby Girl’

If you have never heard this artist, her is you chance.

Known for her honest lyrics and dynamic melodies, EDM/pop artist Kamryn Marie is slowing things down with her latest single, “Baby Girl.” Inspired by a desire to reassure her parents of her unchanging love for them after her boyfriend popped the question. 

Kamryn’s passion for singing about life’s many ups and downs has led to support from fans and mass media, alike. Following the release of her first full-length album, As Is, in 2018 and recent single releases, “Better Than Ok” (October 19, 2018) & “Party Like Bob Marley” (August 3rd, 2018), Kamryn demonstrates a bold fearlessness all throughout her music.

Read more about Kamryn and listen to her single below!

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