@JFL42 I am here!

Just touched down yesterday afternoon at Union Station after a fantastic train ride! Via Rail is definitely the way to travel. You see what I did there?! Anyhow, after a 20 minute freshen up in the bathroom, I headed out into the world. Two minutes later, I was munching on a foot long hot dog.

Man Montreal, we need to get these street trucks. Just For Laughs Souk this year was amazing! All kinds of food right at your finger tips. In a span of 10 blocks, I passed about 20 of them. All different. With fries, curly fries. Curry fries, burgers and all kinds of drinks to choose from. Whoever opens up shop first will rule. Grumman ’78, I hope it’s you guys. 

I was a little ambitious to think that I could get of a little 5 1/2 hour train ride withstand and go see Reggie Watts. I unfortunately missed him but I know It won’t be the last chance I get to see him. Tonight, I’m excited to see Amy Schumer, whom I didn’t catch when while she was in Montreal this past July.
Gabe, my Toronto blogger, has been doing an amazing job. He did an interview with Moshe Kasher last night and has been on point since it started. He is just a delight to have on board. Also tonight, I’ll be checking out Kelly Carlin and Ari Shaffir.
I have a great week coming up and this weather thinks it’s gonna stop me. Trying to give me the chills bitch! No you ain’t twat. Yes I just called mother nature a twat. Sitting here watching some kind of spy dog movie for kids, I have planned out my week, have interviews lined up and I’m just as happy as a pea. How happy is a pea anyway?
Anyhoo,  I’m going back for a nap because I have a long day ahead of me. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the festival buzz! 
@gatsnelson, @Mobtreal and @TuJoHaHa

Have a great Sunday Morning!
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