JFL42: Day One

Alright ladies and gents, here’s our first official JFL42-related post updating the rest of the world on the festival going on here in Toronto.  Only working the last week of the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, our resident Torontonian Gabriel Katsnelson was first on the scene for this fest, starting at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre with the great Patton Oswalt!

Oswalt had Tom Seguraopen for him, who he’d never heard perform before. Rest assured, Segura delivered. Patton bid him a tip of headliner’s approval as Segura welcomed Oswalt on stage.
“That’s the first time I heard his stuff, what a great comic! Wasn’t he great?”
Later, I would catch another one of Segura’s sets at Comedy Bar. My photographer’s pass allowed me to stay for fifteen minutes of Patton Oswalt’s material before I had to jet (or until they kicked me out), but if those minutes are a testament to the rest of the hour, they’re worth sitting through twice to see the rest of the show. Tickets for Oswalt’s upcoming shows are still available.
On my first entry into Comedy Bar, I was surprised to run into Tom Segura in person! I shook the man’s hand for five minutes before recognizing his friend, Brendon Walsh, who has an awesome beard and that’s exactly what I told him. Soon it was show time and Segura proved funnier performing with a smaller crowd where he could play with the hecklers. He welcomed Walsh, who entered the stage with his middle fingers raised in the air TO THE THEME OF GAME OF THRONES. #EPIC. After getting out a rant about the TSA service being crap, Brendon brought some real fucking laughs and ended the show by pinning Jesus to the cross with a couple of dildos.
Come see their repeat show tonight at Comedy Bar at 9… and then a birdy who lives there told me there may be a super-secret show with JOE ROGAN, ARI SHAFFIR, and SAM TRIPOLI.  Yeah.

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