How will Toronto help the live music scene?

Here are some no bullshit numbers that we want you to consider:

  1. 80% of Toronto artists believe they cannot make a living wage.
  2. 50% of artists make less than $30K a year.
  3. 73% of Toronto artists have thought about leaving the city
  4. Live music venues continue to close down without being replaced with new ones.

Listen, artists have to amplify and diversify their brands and learn how to compete just like every other business. However funds and supportive decisions are not being directed to the most critical areas so that artists can find higher paying local opportunities.

Additionally live music venues and promoters have increase costs being passed on to the consumer who have a harder time paying for leisure and restaurants just don’t have enough margins to higher talent regularly.

In a future post we’ll identify some possible solutions but for now check out this clip from CityNews covering more detail of the state of the music industry in Toronto here:

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