While looking for cultural photographers in the Toronto area, I Googled the name Dale Tidy. It didn’t take long for me to see that he was extremely talented and I found myself a perfect artists to blog about.

After browsing his site, I definitely love his style. He captures events live in the moment. The colors vibrancy pop out and resonate the sounds made by the artist in the picture. They’re so captivating it’s no wonder he was invited to attend a one month long internship at the Red Bull Photography Academy in Austria.

I’ve hand picked some images from his site but please go ahead and see all of his works at www.daletidy.com.

Find out a little bit more about Dale below.

Dale Tidy Photography

Dale Tidy

“Dale Tidy is an international freelance photographer. Born and raised in Australia, his work has been published in

magazines, newspapers and online editorials across the globe. In just a few short years this photographer’s talent in capturing action sports, live music and adventure photography has become some of the most sought-after, attracting high-profile clientele such as Red Bull, Nintendo, INK Entertainment, Rotkäppchen and Evolve Tours.

Recently winning the highly competitive award for Red Bull’s International Photo of the Month (November 2014), Dale Tidy’s work clearly stands out amongst the most respected of his peers.

Along with his impressive corporate portfolio, Dale has also built a poetic and captivating body of images from his personal travels. Obsessed with what he does, Dale dedicates his life to seeking out moments of timeless aesthetic beauty and real human connection.

To learn more about Dale Tidy, please visit his site at www.daletidy.com/about


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