Chongqing’s Urban Forest

The newly announced Urban Forest building will infuse Chongqing’s skyline with beauty that’s reminiscent of the city’s surrounding countryside.

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Chongqing, one of the largest and most populated municipalities in China, is adding another skyscraper to its concrete jungle. MAD architects, however did not design another cookie-cutter skyscraper, but rather a tower that looks more like a piece of abstract art than a pile of concrete.

The Urban Forest building is reminiscent of the mountains that grace the surrounding region. The rural beauty of western China’s forests is being brought into the city in MAD’s urban homage to the neighbouring countryside.

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The irregular shaped floors are stacked 70-stories high, and are littered with plants and trees and its outdoor balconies. The mismatched floors and greenery make the building look more natural, as if it really were a mountain amidst the city skyline.

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As with any mountain, the most impressive part is the view from the top, and MAD architects were sure to incorporate this quality. Panoramic windows wrap around every floor, creating stunning city views for those who brave the top.

The twists and curves of the design immediately reminded me of the “Marilyn Monroe” buildings currently being constructed in my home town of Mississauga, which were also designed by MAD architects.  The MAD architects may have outdone themselves, however, with the Urban Forest design.

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– Emily English

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