Selgascano Image from:

Selgascano Image from:

Forget dream homes, we spend more time at the office anyway. Dream office? Are we allowed to dream of such things?

These grey walls can really get to a girl (or boy) over time. The half dead plant in the corner offers a bit of forecast for the weekend in the woods, on the lake, an escape from the city.

A Spanish architectural firm has come up with a solution, an office in the woods. Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano of Selgascano have designed a tunnel like modern bunker in the middle of the woods just outside of Madrid.

Selgascano Image from:

Selgascano Image from:

A wood planked path leads through the tall trees to a building that looks nothing of the forest homes we’re used to, this building looks something like a Wiimote or a long sandwich container. A feature of the building is a transparent wall, that faces north, that allows the employees to work literally amongst the foliage. The other half of the curved roof is opaque to harbor the staff from the sun.

Selgascano Image from:

Selgascano Image from:

The small, one story building offers an intimate work space in a more than intimate surrounding.

Hopefully this idea will catch on, until then we will just have to buy a couple more plants.

-Brittany Maguire

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