rad, Rad, R.A.D

Image from torontoist.com

Image from torontoist.com

As you drool over every single piece in Kia Waese’s two-month-old Toronto store, the only word that continuously repeats in your mind is rad, Rad, R.A.D.

Conveniently located in little Portugal’s up and coming shopping block, R.A.D which stands for Research And Development showcases original one piece items from exclusive European designers such as M.A+ of Rome and Belgian designer Nico Uytterhaegen.

Specifically focused on hand-crafted leather goods, Waese has adopted a “specialty shopping” concept for her store where shoppers browse as they were visiting an art gallery. The unique concept of this Dundas West boutique also features uniquely curated shopping hours- Friday, Saturday, Sundays and Thursdays only by appointment.

If you adore original, minimalist leather goods as much as we do, R.A.D is somewhere you are going to want to find and find fast.

–Kenia Avendano

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