This past Fluid Friday we had a taste of the carribean featured at Billiards Academy on the Danforth. Every Friday, a local artist will be featured to promote the talent we have floating around this city.

February 5th was Mark Mosca’s night accompanied by his bassist Brian Huntley. Together, they brought back the sweet vibes of Bob Marley and the West indies creating a relax a entertaining atmosphere to play pool and chill with friends.

The beauty of Fluid Fridays is that is does not take away the identity of Billiards Academy  or change how the place feels on a day to day basis. It just gives the night that extra touch of intimacy without being alone up in your face.

Mark was accompanied by Brian Huntley, bassist pro. Combined, the two made sweet music to my ears.

It felt like I was lounging in my father’s basement, no worries, only good times. Marks charisma and command of the steel pan makes the music flow through him, with ease.

For an instrument that is very challenging to learn and play, Mark has perfected this craft making him the versatile musician he is today.

You can catch Mark again March 11th at Billiards Academy, 485 Danforth Ave.
Check out the Facebook page for more details.

Fluid Fridays happens every Friday at Billiards Academy with new local talent to showcase.

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