Mount Phenom Esports Championship Series – $40,000 Prize Pool

GO Spawn, Smash Hack, and City Siege have collaborated to bring the Toronto esports community a unique Esports series.

This event will feature three very popular games:

– Counter Strike: Global Offensive

– Super Smash Bros: Ultimate & Melee

– Rainbow Six Siege

Over 1,000 attendees will participate through 9 Qualifiers and 3 Grand Finals with a total Prize Pool of $40,000. There will be 3 qualifiers and one grand final for each game title; the qualifiers will be a combination of both Online and LAN, and the Grand Finals will take place at Waves E-Gaming. This series of events will be broadcast and streamed live on Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, and Facebook Gaming.

The series is planned to have 2 online qualifiers and 1 LAN qualifiers for CSGO & Rainbow Six, as well as 3 LAN qualifiers for Smash Bros leading up to each of the Grand Finals. Each qualifier will have a $1,000 prize pool and each of the Grand Finals will feature a $10,000 prize pool.


GO Spawn (CSGO):

– Online Qualifier #1: Saturday, March 7th

– Online Qualifier #2: Saturday, April 25th

– LAN Qualifier: May 23rd – 24th

– Grand Finals: June 20th-21st

City Siege (Rainbow Six):

– Online Qualifier #1: Saturday, May 2nd

– Online Qualifier #2: Saturday, June 6th

– LAN Qualifier: July 4th-5th

– Grand Finals: August 1st-2nd

Smash Hack (Smash Bros Ultimate & Melee):

– LAN Qualifier #1: Saturday, June 27th

– LAN Qualifier #2: Saturday, July 11th

– LAN Qualifier #3 Saturday, August 15th

– Grand Finals: Saturday, September 5th

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