Jokers Corner is back!

Back for a second year, Keesha Brownie host Jokers Corner, Montreal Edtion, on December 15th at 8:30pm. Taking place at the V-Lounge in Lasalle, it’s gonna be a full night of fun, laughter and dancing. Stay after the giggles with your DJ Fyah Fox and the Natural Mystic Crew and dance all night long!

So who’s on the bill?
Rodney Ramsey
Andrew Searles
Paul Baluyot
Kris Bonaparte
Cedric Newman
Yes child! Come nah and laugh with us, seen! Seating is limited so go buy your tickets today!

  PRINCESSA                                     514-595-4894. 
  TRIPLE-A RECORDS                       514-344-5353. 
KINGKUTZ DOWNTOWN             514-895-5464 
                      WEST ISLAND           514-685-5464
You want some raw, edgy, un-censored comedy? Look no further son! 
Check out the event on Facebook and follow Jokers Corner on Twitter for all the latest updates.
Check back next week for the review of the show.
See you there
Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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