About the Mob

Mobtoronto.com is a blogging mob that creates and distributes coordinated festival and event coverage using all kinds of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Youtube – in both the official languages of Canada – French and English.

Consider hiring the mob to get your social media ‘buzz’ off the ground

DO IT! Because you”ll get the benefit of a co-ordinated street team that can seed the web with compelling content, viralize your event hype amongst influencers; and get real-time event reporting & follow-up blogs, posts, pins, and tweets – causing a ripple effect of awareness while popularizing your event or festival.

Our techniques drive traffic to your event pages, and deliver relevant, local information to our followers, your followers, and friends of their friends. Leap-frog your competition online, leverage our existing team’s reach for your next event or festival. Sponsor a street team and we’ll set your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and website channels on fire with fresh new patrons, awareness and reach.

How? We deliver ‘live-on-the-ground’ posts, tweets, shares and commentary from your event location(s). Our service is ideal for promoting multi-day festivals, events and conferences using social media.

Want to join the mob?

We are mobbing up with local bloggers to create a breadth of coverage for any event, festival or happening. If accepted as a mobster, you’ll get plenty of social media distribution for your writing, and be a part of a fun team providing deep editorial coverage at hip local events – not to mention the VIP access that comes with it.  Join the Mob.

For more information about the mob or for advertising inquiries, please visit the TheMobsPress.com

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