Yeah, you’ve heard by now. There was a heckler that went to a Trump rally and said “You have a small dick and you’re going to lose to a girl”. The second part likely hurt more as any adolescent taunt would. This kind of base language is what he seems to best understand. Refer to his Twitter account to validate this reference.

In all fairness, Donald Trump opened the door to name calling and schoolyard bullying. So fair is fair.

Adolescent insults belong on the playground and politics should be left to real politicians.

I was surprised to see that the heckler was none other than Sean Kent, a comedian I met a few years ago while working at the Comedy Nest in Montreal. He’s talented, smart and what I took away from meeting him was that he’s not one to do things rashly or without a purpose. His goal wasn’t to protest against Trump, it was to insult him. Mission Accomplished.

People are drawing lines in America, and this incident exemplifies the struggle of red and blue rather ironically – with an appropriate measure of hubris.

Clearly, America has some thinking to do and Canada is watching with disbelief in the new normal.

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