I freakin’ love podcasts’! I’ve been an avid listener for the past 12 years.

Over the past 5 years, this new digital medium has had a huge impact online ever since public figures or celebrities such as Aisha Tyler, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neil, RuPaul, Yvonne Orji … host their own show as a way to market their brand and directly connect with their fans.

Now, if you’re new to all this. A podcast are a series of audio files made available online through platforms or podcatchers such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, CastBox and more.

It’s a great form of entertainment during your weekly commute and to hear different perspectives. It’s also the best way to kill some time while travelling, a long road trip or while doing your chores. Or to simply binge listen and chill.

Any topic you’re interested in? You’ll find a podcast dedicated to it. I mean ANY discussions!

As the podcast landscape continues to gain popularity, it’s nice to see a rise of black-hosted and black-curated content.

When I started podcasting 8 years ago, it was very difficult to find black podcasts and nearly impossible to find shows or fellow podcasters who were Black and Canadian.

As we celebrate Black History Month in Canada, I figured to compile a few shows throughout the month of February, in no particular order for you to check out.

Discover a compilation of great Black Canuck hosted/co-hosted podcasts I am familiar with or those recommended to me online.

Prepare to get your headset LIT for some good soulful listening and subscribing. Enjoy!

The Secret Life Of Canada

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Co-Founder of The Chonilla Podcast Network. Co-host and Producer for The Kakle podcast and radio show. Founder of the Black Canadian Content Creators. Love to help businesses grow with my Wile E Coyote style of Digital Media Strategy. Creator / Creator of The Black Canadian Content Creators group. OH! Plus, a Divom (diva+mom) of 3 !! Oh yeah, you guessed it, I'm an octopus Y'all, I mean that's the only reason it makes sense I'm able to manage all of this.

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