It is with great excitement that we announce our new ticketing partnership with Talkboutmedia.

Talkboutmedia (TBM) is a multi service event coverage company offering hosting, videography, editing, event promotions and mini-commercial production services.

Covering a myriad of West Indian cultural, special parties, and fashion events plus interviewing a wide array of talented artists, this dynamo team of the sassy dressed and engaging Flower Pryce (MC) and her dapper husband Mr. Marc James (videographer and fashion stylist), the Talkboutmedia team have become a very popular duo in  Toronto, Jamaica and the US.
How this all started:

A few years ago I had the chance to work with Flower and Mr. Marc James on developing a pitch for a dance-hall reality T.V show. I thought it was a great idea! I mean, if the ridiculous “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” can last five seasons, then surely the underground coverage of the eclectic international reggae community of characters whose lives are centred around arguably the most influential music genre of all time, should warrant at least half a season!


I was impressed with their tenacity and their vision and when they told me that they wanted to create the TBM brand, I was intrigued to see how it would work. Since then, I have been lurking in the background and keeping an eye on their progress.

Then, in what seemed to be weekly video coverage of hyped events and interviews with various impressive artists, I decided enough was enough! I had to call these guys and propose an opportunity that just made sense. Ten eyelash blinks later or more believably, 2 weeks later lol, we had signed a deal to be the primary ticketing partner for Talkboutmedia.

The Opportunity:

In a few short years, the Talkboutmedia team have become a popular promotions and socialite tandem inspirting awareness and promotions for the West Indian entertainment community, artists and events that “seem” to be hidden in the outskirts of the GTA.

However, there are countless other events that Talkboutmedia has covered as well including: birthday parties, anniversary parties, bachelorettes, comedy shows, book launches, behind-the-scenes for video shoots, and as they say “everything else in between”.

The Mob’s Press recognizes this team as an influential network whose relationships with artists and event organizers in Toronto, Jamaica and the US can help us build brand identity across their various networks.

This partnership allows Talkboutmedia to leverage The Mob’s Press’s multi-media and technology platform to:

  • Extend The Mob’s Press Ticketing Outlet as a perfect complementary offering with their existing event coverage services
  • Offer their clients expanded audience exposure to our over 10,000 per month viewership on The Mob’s Press Media Group of sites,,, and (New York – coming soon)
  • Explore future strategic partnership opportunities to leverage The Mob’s Press’s social media, web development and customer acquisition services for their clients as well.

Look out for The Mob’s Press and Talkboutmedia  – tell all your friends, share it, like it – Talkboutit!

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