A brand new boutique hotel has opened in downtown Montreal called BOXOTEL which boasts in-room rain showers for two, a rooftop jacuzzi complete with steam bath and sauna room, and all the modern conveniences such as a workout room, a super-sweet lobby café with all the croissants, fruit and latte’s a hipster needs. 

It even has an art gallery space for group reception & entertaining – with two large digital projector walls – perfect for a branded wine and cheese mixer or media soirée.

Located right in the heart of Montréal’s festival center, just blocks from Place des Arts, at Ontario East and Hotel-de-Ville, it’s a modest 6-floor hotel with around 30 suites, but the crown jewel is suite 505/605 which I had the pleasure to experience.

Imagine a two-floor fully equipped city condo including washer, dryer, dishwasher, kitchen with full utensils and pots and pans, with private terrace and full lux all around.

In addition to what you see in the pictorial essay, what you might miss is the all sustainable bamboo interior wood finishes, super high-efficiency touch-controls and heated polished concrete floors.

The bathroom amenities are amazing right down to the custom fragrances of soaps, beautifully presented in etched glass bottles on in-shower display racks.

The digital suite controls are amazing. You can actually control curtains, heating, air flow, lights, temperature, and many other comforts right from your TV remote control, or choose from a generous helping of digital room controls for your inner geek to explore.

It was funny when me and Mob Boss Jo were trying to figure out which button controlled the en-suite bathroom terrace shower curtains.  It turns out you can just pull the bathroom shower curtains closed to the street view. It was the best 15 minutes ever wasted in a hotel, punctuated by laughter and the discovery of it all. *lol*

There is an outstanding view to the street from the dual rain showers in the suite – so you can actually open the terrace door and experience outdoor like showering in the wide open if you’re into that kind of thing.

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The suite interiors are beautiful and simple in the same measure. It’s overall a warm and inviting hotel, not the least of which because of the management team and staff customer service which is exemplary.

The room service food and breakfast options are authentically French. We were served ham and cheese croissants, a lovely fruit mélange of alternating blood orange and regular oranges, plus raspberries, blackberries and Quebec’s own distinct salaberries, and perfectly whipped steam milk lattes for two.

Among all the deliciousness, I especially had fun pairing a complimentary bottle of prosecco with some chocolate-powdered pistachios left over from breakfast.

Each floor and room in the hotel is adorned with local folk art which adds to the boutique experience. Montreal is rich with local artists, painters and sculpters – see something you like in the hotel? Each art piece is labeled so if you desire, you can inquire to buy.

The Boxotel experience is quite simply full of sensual delights!   

Heading to Montreal this festival season? Book a stay at the Boxotel and experience Montréal living at its finest. Book your room today!

175 rue Ontario Est
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H2X 1H5
1 514-281-0202

PS – To all the folks at Boxotel who were kind enough to host us for the Superbowl weekend; Boxotel c’est magnifque!. The team truly made the visit special. Best hotel experience in a very long time. Thanks Boxotel!  

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